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Medica Group, LLC was established in 2007 with our main office in Virginia. We serve Africa with our oversea office (SIMED), located in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoire. We also serve the United States with plans to expand globally. We’re your pharmaceutical representative and distributor of medical products.

Medica Group has built reliable affiliations with most accredited manufacturers within the US and the international market (Asia and Europe) .These manufactures include imaging equipment and supplies, laboratory equipment and supplies, hospital furniture and supplies, dental equipment and supplies, and  home health care products.


We strive to build efficient relationships with health care providers and market-driven companies, letting us provide the quality of the products and services we offer at affordable prices that enhance our customers' total effectiveness and competitiveness.


Medica Group, LLC is committed to being an international provider of medical products and pharmaceuticals. We will continuously work to save lives. We’re committed to affordable prices, quality and prompt delivery to those with whom we interact: Customers, health care providers and health-driven companies.


  • Trust and Mutual Respect: First seek to understand then seek to be understood.
  • Teamwork: Make helping each other, customers and suppliers a way of life.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Exceed our customers' expectations.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Always do best we can.
  • Profitable Growth: All growth must add to the well being of the organizations.
  • Innovation and Adaptability: Always look for the better way; embrace change.
  • Leadership: Bring out the best in the people around you.
  • Relationships: Establish them, build on them, watch your business grow as the relationship grows.
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